In FallenAGKvideos AGK series. There is a timeline (Most AGK makers will not make a timeline for their series.)

So here is it!


Leopold TKC

8765 BC - A war begins known as ''The Slikking'' begins. Only 5 Slikkers remain after the war. Leading to the birth of Harold Slikk and Mary Slikk in 1988

1988 - Harold Slikk and Mary Slikk were born.

1991 - The Reactor was built.

2004 - Leopold Slikk was born.

2006 - Boom Blox was born.

2012 - Pinewood Computer Cores's Grand Reopening.

2016 - Boom Blox builds a giant tower to kidnap people.

Mid 2016 - Leopold Slikk finds out about the tower and pisses off Boom Blox so far that Boom Blox used Cheat Engine to make himself bigger (and gets sent to banland for 14 days) (so then Boom Blox ruins Leopold Slikk's ''Dance House'') so Boom Blox got a job after he got banned at Pinewood Computer Core. One day Leopold Slikk ran so fast he crashed into the building leading up to A fight with Boom Blox. but then A meltdown happens gassing up all of Germany.

2017 - Leopold Slikk gets teleported into one of the mutiveriees (the one where 99% of land was owned by SOS dan.)

So then Leopold Slikk dies in a car crash trying to stop Haruhi Suzumiya due to a Tire Blowout.

The Angry German Kid Show